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Studio Microphone


"I LOVE the audiobook! You did a fantastic job! I listened to the whole thing in one go. After a pretty crummy week, it was what I needed to revamp my motivation. The voice you used for Lady Hawksmoor was spot on! They were all great, but that was my favorite. I read my books aloud and use an AI to read them to me before I publish, but I wish I could just have you read them to me instead!"

-Erica Harpe, Author of Initiation, The Selari Chronicles Book 1

"Love the life you gave to this story.  You've got some upbeat energy that just brought Itty to life."

-Scott D Tackett, Three Ravens Publishing

"You did such an amazing job. You speak the Lakota language so beautifully. And you conveyed Mandy’s pain so well that it had me crying. It touches my heart how you brought this story to life."

-Lenore Wolfe, Author of Dark Warrior Gunman: To Tame a Wild Hawk

"Katie Thompson breathes life into the stories, and can narrate a full and diverse cast of characters with ease and aplomb. And as a cherry on top, she’s a consummate professional."

J.L. Brannick, author of Martini Mondays and Tequila Tuesdays
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